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We are a transfer guild from the Gorefiend server. The core of our guild has been playing together for several years, and our current incarnation has just past its 2 year anniversary. Once a prosperous and competitive server, Gorefiend has seen a decline in its player base and competitive guilds, especially the Alliance side. As one of only 3 Alliance guilds within the top 15 guilds on the server, we felt it was time to make the move to bigger and better things. After much research and looking around, we decided Arygos would be a great realm to chose.
We are still in the process of moving, but ultimately, returning to 25M raiding as soon as possible is our top priority. As with all guild moves, we are losing several players for various reasons so we are actively seeking players to fill out our ranks.

Our main raid nights are generally Monday-Thursday. We start invites around 8:00pm est. Our raids normally end around 12:00am est, but on progression nights, where things are going well, we may ask our raiders to stay longer to get a kill. Our loot is decided by loot council, which operates along the same lines as many guilds in WoW. As far as an applicant's gear, we would expect you to have 25 man tier 9.5 or equivalent.

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